Giving Hearts Day 2019

Giving Hearts Day is an annual event - a 24-hour online give-athon of goodwill helping NDAD and hundreds of other nonprofits in North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota through generous contributions. It's organized by Dakota Medical Foundation, Impact Foundation and Alex Stern Family Foundation.

The next Giving Hearts Day is set for Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 2019.

Giving Hearts Day provides a splendid opportunity for you to be a partner in NDAD's important giving mission through your spirit of generosity. By donating to NDAD on Giving Hearts Day, you support children and adults with disabilities and health issues throughout North Dakota and neighboring northwest Minnesota border cities.

Giving Hearts count - especially when they beat together.

NEW THIS YEAR: Anytime between now and Feb. 14, Giving Hearts Day, go online to and say #countme and, especially #countme4NDAD. Schedule your gift, and your donation will be processed for you on Giving Hearts Day.

Or, mail or drop off a check at any NDAD office on or before Feb. 14. Please make your check payable to NDAD, date the check Feb. 14, 2019, and write "Giving Hearts Day" on the memo line.

Watch for additional information on this page and on NDAD's Facebook and Twitter social media sites.

Give to NDAD. Be a part of our vital mission.

It's AMAZING what people can do when there's help - from NDAD and your giving heart.


NDAD is honored to introduce five North Dakotans who are serving as
our Giving Hearts Day 2019 ambassadors:

Grand Forks’ Anna Magnuson
borrowed NDAD vans and
received help with
durable medical equipment.

More about Anna

Kenadi Zappone
of Minot gets to and from out-of-town medical appointments with NDAD travel assistance.

Williston’s Pedro Gonzalez
has used gas and lodging
purchased by NDAD for
Bismarck post-transplant
medical trips.

More about Pedro in the Winter 2019 NDAD Insider newsletter. 



Seth Kasper of Bismarck gets tickets for accessible metro transit and attends NDAD’s annual adaptive water-ski event.


Fargo’s Deanna Bakken
received medical equipment
from NDAD to help
improve her mobility.

Karen Schelinder
Karen Schelinder followed a path of helping others, ever since she served as a Lutheran church parish worker in the 1960s. When someone sought help, her philosophy had been simple. “There’s a reason they need it,” said Schelinder, told NDAD in an early 2013 interview. Karen died the following year at age 66.   In the ...
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