Marvin and Christine Sondrol

(NOTE: The benefit for the Sondrols has been held, but the NDAD fund to help them remains open for donations.)

A benefit will be held from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday, April 12, at the KC Hall in Reynolds to help Marvin and Christine Sondrol with health-related expenses.

All proceeds from this NDAD-sponsored fundraiser will be used specifically to help the Sondrols with mounting medical expenses and some essential living expenses. NDAD, a nonprofit charity which helps people with health issues and disabilities, is acting as fund custodian under its free Community Fundraisers Program.
Poster for Sondrol benefit April 12
Poster for April 12 Sondrol benefit in Reynolds
The benefit will feature a freewill offering spaghetti dinner with both meat and no-meat options, plus a silent auction.

Marvin Sondrol, 70, has congenital heart disease, dizziness and shortness of breath. The former longtime American Crystal Sugar worker has had two heart surgeries since 2017. He had multiple hernia surgeries and had to deal with issues with infections and mesh removals, and he still has a hernia. Marvin has hand numbness from a serious hand injury, and he's also had neck surgery.

Christine Sondrol, 61, is a former employee at Tufte Manor in Grand Forks and Luther Memorial Home in Mayville, and also for U.S. Census Bureau. She has diabetes that has led to problems with sensory and motor neuropathy and three separate surgeries for toe amputations. She broke her left leg falling on ice in late 2017 and needed surgery to provide supporting plates and screws in her calf and knee.

The Sondrols and their daughter, Emma, who helps care for her parents, temporarily are living in a Reynolds apartment that was donated by a friend of their son, Asle, who is married and lives elsewhere with his wife Chelsy.

Marvin, Christine and Emma lost their fifth-generation rural home in a fire in January.

There are several other ways you may donate to help the Sondrols deal with medical and essential living expenses:

Click the “Donate Now” button at the top of THIS page and use PayPal or your credit card to make a donation online.  Other than PayPal’s small transaction fee, all of your donation will go to help Christine and Marvin.

Send a check to NDAD, c/o 
Sondrols Benefit, 2660 S. Columbia Road, Grand Forks, ND 56710. Make your check payable to NDAD and write “Sondrols benefit” on your check’s memo line. 

Download a .pdf of the Marvin and Christine Sondrol benefit poster HERE.

Sondrol family (from left): Marvin, Chrstine, Emma, and Asle and his wife, Chelsy.


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