Kashton Faul

Expectant parents anxiously await the joy of their new baby coming into the world.  New parents have hopes and dreams of their son or daughter living a happy, healthy life.  When their baby is born with health concerns, what then? How do you move forward?  Where do you turn for help?
In late 2015, the Faul family was asking those very questions.
Kaylon and Joanna were filled with happiness and joy awaiting the birth of their son.  He would join a family of loving parents and four active siblings in Max, N.D.  When Kashton was born on Dec. 16, 2015, his parents were over the moon with excitement.
When the doctor informed them Kashton had health issues, their excitement became fear for their son’s well-being.
The doctors said Kashton’s brain was not remembering to tell his body to breathe on its own while he slept.  Kashton had to be connected to a bi-pap breathing machine and required round-the-clock observation.  Since there were unanswered questions regarding his health, doctors informed the family that more tests needed to be done.
The family enjoys living in the small, rural community of Max, but with Kashton’s immediate medical needs, they needed to travel to hospitals in faraway cities in order for their son to receive the best medical treatment. 
Kashton’s primary doctor in Bismarck referred him to Sanford Health in Fargo.  When more complex tests were needed, Kashton was referred to Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minn.
Kaylon and Joanna were prepared to travel back and forth from Max to Fargo and St. Paul if that’s where the specialists were to help their son.  What caught them unprepared:  the expense of medical travel.  With Joanna becoming a stay-at-home mom to provide round-the-clock care for Kashton, finances were tight and they began looking for help.
The Fauls reached out to NDAD for assistance.
Through NDAD’s direct financial assistance program, the Faul family began receiving support with out-of-town medical travel expenses when traveling to Fargo and St. Paul.
“NDAD has been wonderful for helping us with gas money for our trips to Fargo and Minneapolis to see doctors for Kashton,” Kaylon Faul recently told us.

Our hope at NDAD is that we are able to relieve their financial burden so they can focus on Kashton’s health.
“The doctors are telling us that only time will show if he improves or not,” Kaylon said. “It has been a long and challenging road for sure.” 

-- Kim Zeeb

The writer is NDAD's client services representative for southeast North Dakota.  She is based in Fargo.